Some goals met

Hundreds of supporters raised 11K to make our cat shelter project a reality!

Sanctuary Operating Expenses 2017
In 2016, 9K were raised to turn our cat shelter into a Cat Sanctuary.

Sponsor me! program
Recurring monthly payments made by 161 sponsors have raised 4.5K since 2016.

Sanctuary Operating Expenses 2017
2.9K were donated to our Sanctuary's operating expenses fund in 2017.

New Cat Shelter Supplies
2.1K were raised to help us buy supplies and furnish our new place in 2015.

Pay Off vet bills
Almost 2K were raised to pay off all our vet bills between 2015 and 2016.

1.6K were raised to pay for our FIV+ senior rescue Bono's special vet care in 2017.

Urgent Vet Care
1.1K were raised to pay for the most urgent vet care needed in 2017.