Hi, my name is Angel, I’m completely deaf since birth. I was abandoned in a small feral colony when I was about 5 or 6 months old. I spent a few weeks trying to fend for myself but it was really hard, I couldn’t hear anything and it was dangerous out there. I was so scared all the time until one day I decided to trust my caregivers and follow them on a very cold night in the Fall 2013. That night they brought me in. I’ve been living in the Sanctuary for 4 years and this is my rescue story.

Rescue Story

We had seen him for a few weeks but he was too scared to come close. One chilly and windy night, right after midnight there he was!  he came out and started meowing out loud … We immediately tried to lead him to where some food and water containers were placed… but he refused to follow us there… he then hid under a car. We placed new containers with food and water closer to him and decided to wait nearby to make sure he’d eat.

We sat on a bench about half a block away from where he was … we were hoping he’d eventually come out to eat. Then all of the sudden he ran towards us and threw himself at our feet… he started purring away and would not leave our side! He almost jumped into the carrier himself.

As soon as he got home he started purring so loudly… he felt finally safe! The morning after we found him all curled up into the carrier sleeping like an angel ♥ (thus his name!) Nothing seemed to wake him up, not even the loudest noises . We, later on, realized he was completely deaf.

Although we had a full house at the time with our 3 fosters, Negrita, Kitty & Honey and we were almost out of financial resources, there was NO WAY we could leave this baby on his own out there. Angel is FeLV/ FIV NEGATIVE.

Our little Angel is intelligent, playful and affectionate however due to his deafness he’ll be needing some extra time to adjust. Abandonment has not been easy on this beautiful baby who was left to fend for himself at such an early age. Although he does a bit less yowling now his insecurity issues will need time to go away. He needs to follow us around at all times to feel safe… he’s so happy while playing with us but if he loses sight of us he gets scared and starts meowing loudly, he becomes agitated rather easily and starts panting. Sometimes at night he wakes up moaning and full of anxiety. We’ve read that caring for deaf cats is no different than caring for any cat, with a few special considerations… however being DEAF and ABANDONED at only 5 months old is a whole different story! He needs lots & lots of TLC and plenty of understanding…while time heals his heart wounds ♥

After some time, he still appears to be very irritable, insecure and over-attached. He becomes very anxious from time to time and starts panting. He also has some sort of eating disorder that is causing him to have diarrhea. We are trying to change his feeding habits but it hasn’t been easy so far. Due to abandonment & deafness, he still has some issues to resolve.


Angel improved all his ‘unusual’ behaviors one day at a time. He no longer looks confused nor disoriented as he used to when he was rescued.  He’s now a very loved  and happy cat who very much enjoys every single minute of his new life in our cat shelter.