Bono, stray to be rescued

Bono, stray to be rescued. (Rescued 01/16/2016)

Latest UPDATE *** Bono was finally rescued on January 16, 2016  Click here to read rescue story***

Bono is an adult male stray cat we’ve been feeding for approximately 6 months now. He’s been living in the same parking lot where Bella used to live and even shared the place with her for a couple of months before she was finally rescued.

Bono is a very fearfull cat who has been recently abandoned. He does not trust people much so we have not been able to pet him so far but hopefully, with a little time and a lot of patience, we’ll soon gain his trust and be able to rescue him. He’s a very docile and timid cat that hardly roams. He spends most of part of the day napping under a car. He has an injured leg that makes him limp and a wound in his right ear, he probably got in a cat fight.

Our goal is to rescue Bono as soon as he let us get a bit closer, just as we did with Bella. For now, we take care of Bono by bringing him good quality wet/dry food and fresh water on a daily basis.