Our Rescue Work

We are a grassroots cat rescue group, formed by people who care deeply about animal welfare.  We are animal lovers particularly devoted to helping cats, feral, semi-feral and stray.

More than two years ago, we started helping and feeding stray cats. Almost without realizing it, we went from the simple compassionate act of placing a  little food and water under the window for any random abandoned cat, to monitoring  and feeding various feral cat colonies as well as roaming stray cats of an entire neighborhood.

video1Every month, we supply approximately 60 kg of dry food, dozens of cans of wet food and water amongst these feeding stations plus we take care of the maintenance of the surrounding areas. About 40 hours a month  are spent doing just these tasks. 

As time passed by, particularly urgent cases of neglect, abuse, illness and accident started  to emerge which quickly  led us to engage in an even more commited activity: rescuing the cats that were found injured, sick and in poor health conditions who needed inmediate vet care.

video2Once rescued and provided with vet care,  these cats needed a safe place to stay during their recovery process and rehabilitation; most of them were unaltered and needed sterilization so we offered them foster care until they’d eventually find a suitable forever home.

Due to the increasing number of rescues, we had to setup a temporary foster home to meet urgent needs. We then managed to “borrow” a 2 bedroom unrefurbished apartment without water nor electricity supply. We placed some old chairs, mats, towels, blankets and cardboard boxes and we brought our rescues in.

In spite of its reduced capacity, more than a dozen cats have already made the most out of our temporary shelter: abandoned cats, stray cats, sick and wounded cats. Most of them have been able to fully recover and just a few have found their forever home, while most of them are still here with us.  We also had cats that came to us in dramatic health conditions whose lives could not be saved however this provisional shelter, rather small and precarious, also allowed us to offer them a place in which to find peace and love in their final hours.

Our new cat shelter is now a reality! After a tough year of hard work, great effort and lots of sacrifices, we finally made it! CLICK HERE to View Cat Shelter NOW! ‘

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