Gigi goes to the vet’s

Gigi has not been feeling well for a while. Although she was eating regularly and seemed OK, we noticed that she was having trouble urinating so we scheduled a vet appointment to run some tests. We prepared a special room just for her, and she was isolated so we could monitor her a little better. … Read more

Help us meet fundraiser GOAL! Dear supporters, As we recently announced publicly, we are still trying to meet the goal of the Sanctuary rent fundraiser launched in June last year. We were formerly raising founds at GoFundMe however they started having technical issues to process donations on their website and were forced to find an alternative way to raise … Read more

Mimi to be spayed

Mimi is 10 months old now and ready to be spayed on Wednesday March 22, 2017. We need a little help with spay surgery expenses. Fundraiser goal is: $160 USD Please GIVE! Thank you. Donors Janet Eggleton $60 Sara Cambreleng $10 Katharine Ferguson $30 Janet Eggleton $50 Christina Kuehnle $20

Jasmine’s setback

Jasmine’s thyroid problems have worsened

Jasmine’s thyroid problems have worsened and her general condition has deteriorated unexpectedly in just a matter of weeks. She’s lost a lot of weight; she’s gone from 4.7 kg to 4.1kg in only 8 weeks and lost her appetite. We must syringe feed her baby food to keep her nourished. She started drinking a lot … Read more