Charlie, to be rescued

Charlie to be rescued

Due to the challenging times, we’re living at the Sanctuary money-wise, regretfully, we had to minimize our rescue work since mid-2016. Rent fundraiser is stuck at 53% and our Cat Sanctuary future is uncertain however when urgent cases arise out there we can not turn our back on them. Every summer, abandoned cats show up, … Read more

Bono, diagnosed with CKD

Bono diagnosed with CKD

Yesterday, we were sent by email Bono’s urine culture lab test results. No bacteria was found in his urine which means there’s no urinary infection and sadly that has led to the diagnosis of Chronic Kidney Disease. CKD is the result of a gradual decrease in kidney function which is a rather common condition in … Read more

Bono, first FIV+ rescue in the Sanctuary

Bono, first FIV+ rescue in the Sanctuary

Bono finally had an exhaustive vet check-up that has given us more info on his challenging past and current health. Abandoned and abused, Bono is a senior cat, about 8 years old or more. X-Rays revealed an old bone fracture that failed to heal properly causing a malformation in his left elbow. Sadly, he also … Read more

Gigi goes to the vet’s

Gigi has not been feeling well for a while. Although she was eating regularly and seemed OK, we noticed that she was having trouble urinating so we scheduled a vet appointment to run some tests. We prepared a special room just for her, and she was isolated so we could monitor her a little better. … Read more

Help us meet fundraiser GOAL! Dear supporters, As we recently announced publicly, we are still trying to meet the goal of the Sanctuary rent fundraiser launched in June last year. We were formerly raising founds at GoFundMe however they started having technical issues to process donations on their website and were forced to find an alternative way to raise … Read more