Avoid heatstroke conditions

Avoid heatstroke conditions

Cats are very susceptible to heatstroke in excessive heat conditions due to their small body weight and comparatively high surface area. Heatstroke is a fever brought on by the failure of the body’s normal temperature … Keep reading >

Say NO! to animal cruelty

Neglect can include intentional or unintentional harm to pets. This may include abandonment, failure to provided food, water or shelter, excessive ground staking, denying the pet social interaction, untreated medical conditions, failure to groom, etc. … Keep reading >

Spring allergies

Spring Allergies

Just like their owners, cats can suffer from seasonal allergies. Their symptoms, however, are different from ours. Cats tend to not have the sneezing, congestion and runny eyes that we do. Their skin is a … Keep reading >