Project Supporters

“The greatness of our compassion and generosity is not determined by our financial means nor by how much or how little we can give but by how much of ourselves we’re willing to give up in order to help those in need.”  
Paul – Project Change One Life Co-Founder

We’d like to especially thank:

Jo Davies  Honorary Co-Founder

as well as
Kathryn Morrow, Steven Rein, Mary Cornell, Ruthie Ezell, Christina Kühnle and Lisa Bassett
for playing a key role in our success.

These are the names of all the wonderful people who have already donated to our cat shelter project.

In alphabetical order:

Alethea Alarid
Aimee Taylor
Alexe Alexandra
Alicia DuBois
Alisha P.
Alyssa Gibson
Alyssa Riley
Amanda Harper
Amber West-Davis
Amy Gallagher
Andria Vincent
Andy Thomas
Angie Young
Ann Shaw
Annette Chavez
AnnMarie McCormack
Anny Graell
Anthony Rodriguez
Ariella Dugan
Bilkis Satar
Brian Justice
Brittany DelGiudice
Carin Houben
Catarina Wode
Catherine Van Damne
Cathy Morrison
Charles Rizzo
Christina McCree
Craig Haines
Crystal Brown
Crystal Switzer
Cyndi Thomas
Daniel Barnett
Danni Yeo
Debbie Owen
Debra Jean
Della Lightfoot
Diane Hanley
Elaine Walsh
Elizabeth Jones
Emma Butler
Faith Ong
Gail Allen
Gail Woods
Georgia Griego
Happy Paws – Tiffaney Gruber
Heather Herbelin
Heather Malo
Holly Dakos
Holly Peterson
Isabel Maas
Isabela Duncan
Jayne Cartet
Jeanette Fourie
Jennifer Bliesener
Jennifer Macpherson
Jennifer Seeley
Jodie Edmond
John Thomas
Judy Bruhn
Julia Beresford
Kat Clark
Kate Rushton
Kathryn Cord
Kay Callahan
Kenda Robertson
Kerrin Zuco
Kindra Brown
Ksenia Podkopaeva
Lana Oh
Lindsay Weatherford
Lisa Bates
Lisa Dougherty
Lisa Horan
Lois Rife
Luca Tomassoni
Maggie Ceballos
Margit Vieri
Maria de los Reyes
Marianne Neldeberg
Marie-Clare Joseph
Marina Zanardo
Martine Labelle
Mary McDonald
Mary Reyes
Melissa Ford
Misi Wilcher
Nathan Gulley
Nico Seelig
Nicola Harris
Nicola Moore
Nicole Cormier
Nicole Valerio
Nicole Wagner
Nylka Pinero
Pam Turner
Pamela McCall
Patricia McKnight
Pauline Creighton
Penny Wang
Poppy Hall
Rachel Mount
Rebecca K.
Rida Abbasi
Robert Portman
Russell Davies
Ruth Parker
S. Häusler
Sandra Hensen
Sara Cambreleng
Sara Sjodin
Sarah Cambreleng
Savannah Gibson
Sharmini Ganagarajah
Sharon Brownhill
Sheila Maniam Seiler
Shelley Wilson
Simon Lowe
Sky Catana
Stephanie DiStefano
Stephanie Hughes
Stephanie R.
Susan Onuma
Susi H.
Suzanne Millar
Tamora Cross
Tanya Yoder
Tessa K. Salim
Theresa Bowman
Tonni DuMoulin
Vanessa Sebetich
Victoria Mineo
Victoria Styles
Vidar Andersen