Maya, our latest rescue

Princess Maya, our latest rescue.

Meet Maya, our latest resue. She’s a sweet young tortoiseshell cat rescued on October 6th 2015.

We promised Maya we’d bring her in as soon as we finally had our new place and here she’s now. A promise must be kept!  No more lonely nights on the streets for Maya. As of tonight, she’ll be sleeping safe and sound here with us. Welcome to your new life in our cat shelter little princess.

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Maya, after her rescue – Photo Slider

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September 2015 – BEFORE HER RESCUE

Maya is young female semi-feral cat, approximately 1 year old, that we believe was abandoned in a feral colony as a kitten. She lives in the same feral colony where our rescue Jasmine used to live.

We’ve been feeding her for about 4 months, and a few weeks ago she started to get closer and closer. We can often pet her and she loves it, we could  bring her in any time now. We haven’t been able to rescue her yet beacuse of the lack of room we had but now with our new cat shelter everything has changed. Once the refurbishment works of our new place are finished we’ll be ready to bring her in … so we hope we can rescue her shortly.

For now, we take good care of Maya by bringing her good quality wet/dry food and fresh water everyday.

Maya, before her rescue – Photo Slider

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