RIP Ferals

Lest we forget so many anonymous feral cats and kittens so often found dead on the streets while taking care of our feral cat colonies and that we have to bury out in the fields.

Endless hard work that we carry out with our hearts broken every time we have to witness the horrendous fate some of them face while living on the streets, having to bear so much suffering and die with no dignity.

Sadly, we cannot save them all. No matter how much we do, it’s never enough to help them all and that leaves us everytime with a bitter taste of helplessness, frustration and sorrow.

This section intends to honor the lives of those cats and kittens who never got to have a second chance at life, those who unfairly suffered in silence and had to die alone.

May all of them rest in peace, run free and live happily at the Rainbow Bridge knowing they shall never be forgotten.

Hero, was one of those ferals who set an incredible example for us. He was an icon of bravery and dignity despite the hardships associated with life on the streets, thus his name. Click here to read his story.

Never forgotten!