Sanctuary welcomes new rescue

Busy Caturday at the sehlter! A cat found crying for help up on the roof, was succesfully rescued this morning. She was very agitated, meowing so loud and panting. Paul got a ladder and went to get her. After petting her for a short while he grabbed her, got her into the carrier and brought her in.

It was all so unexpected we haven’t come up with a name for her yet! Welcome to our Sanctuary little one 🙂

Latest UPDATE:

Once we brought her in we realized she was one of the many stray cats we feed outside. Last time we saw her, she was heavily pregnant and had been gone for a short while to give birth to her litter. Next thing we knew she was on the rooftop of our Sanctuary but the kittens were nowhere to be seen. We named her Chloé and 6 days later we could also successfully rescue her two newborn kittens who were starving on the rooftop of a house a 100 mts away from us. The owners of the house let us in to rescue the babies and  wanted to keep one of them; we brought in the other one. Go to> Mimi’s rescue story


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