Timmy – Rescued in June 2013.

1 year old, semi-feral. Fiercely attacked by a bigger cat, he was found bleeding heavily through open wounds in his throat and leg.

Timmy was found by a member of LoveCATS Rescue Team, bleeding heavily through an open wound by his throat. He was also bitten on his right leg. Timmy is very young, small and fragile and he was fiercely attacked by a much bigger adult cat. He just couldn’t escape those fangs in time. We rushed him to the vet clinic in the nick of time! Vet said he could have bled to death if he had not been treated in time.

He’s stable now although treatment and recovery process will be long due to the complexity of his wounds and that’s why we need all the financial support we can get. At the moment his wounds are being treated and he’s in the clinic under vet supervision. He’s also scheduled to be neutered as soon as he feels a little better. He tested negative for FIV & FeLV.

Latest UPDATE: August 2014

Sadly, just a bit over a year after his rescue, Timmy suffer a seizure that caused his sudden death. He passed away in his foster mom’s arms. Rest in peace beautiful boy.