Cat Rescue and Sanctuary

Changing lives since 2012

We give homeless cats a true forever home.

While a shelter offers temporary housing to homeless animals until they are adopted into families, a Sanctuary cares for them for as long as they live. Over the last six years, abandoned cats, orphaned kittens, special cases that required 24/7 medical attention, FIV+ and FeLV+ cats, have found in our Sanctuary a forever HOME and those who didn’t have long to live, found love and comfort in their final hours.

Cat Sanctuary Eviction and Relocation

We had to say goodbye to our Cat Sanctuary after 8 long years of hard work! We had to rearrange our home to house more rescues and turn our dining room into a new catroom. The sudden relocation is going to be tough on them and crowded for everyone involved. We live in a rather small place that can hardly accommodate so many animals so it is a risky move but we have no other option right now. We're still looking for a larger place to rent but it's been impossible to find one that "allows pets" and we can afford.

Due to the pandemic, global crisis, war times, etc., we are facing tough times financially and otherwise but we're not giving up! If you find it in your heart to donate a little something to help us out we'll be deeply grateful.

Sanctuary Expenses 2022

Molly's Vet Emergency

Senior rescue dog Molly (9) had to be rushed to the emergency vet. The night before she started urinating with some difficulty and the morning after blood clots were found in her urine. Molly was hospitalized with fluids for 8 hours. Bloodwork, lab tests, X-rays and an ultrasound were needed to determine the cause. She has been diagnosed with bladder stones and a urinary infection. She'll be on a 10-day-antibiotics treatment and a special diet. A follow-up visit and new ultrasound is due in 10 days. So far, 450 USD (412 €) has been the cost of vet care + meds + prescription diet. We need your help to be able to afford these unexpected expenses. Care to chip in?

Rescue dog Molly at the vet

True compassion means not only feeling another's pain but also being moved to help relieve it.

Our rescue Oliver was diagnosed with diabetes in March 2018. He needs a 40ml vial of insulin every 22 days, every vial costs 52 euros (Approx. 65 US dollars) Chip in to help us afford his insulin treatment + special diet.

What our supporters say...

Thank you for giving these babies so much love and a great life. You are wonderful!

Brenda M.

Thank you for helping the animals in need and for your wonderful work.

Leigh F.

I really hope you make your goal. I have always gotten my furry family from shelters/rescues you are true heros!

Victoria M.

Bless you for starting your own Sanctuary. The cats all look VERY happy and your cat rooms are gorgeous!

One Spoiled cat

I think you guys deserve support for going more than the extra mile. You are the one rescue I support. Thank you for doing all you do.

Sara C.

You guys are absolutely amazing! The work that you do and the care that you give to these precious cats goes beyond words.

Steph M.

I only wish I could give more. Thank you for all the hard work *you* do for our furry friends. God bless

Robert P.

I believe in your cause. Hope others will follow. Wish I could give more. People like you give me hope for a better World. Peace.

Lisa D.

I sponsor many of the cats and the 1 dog, this is a great group to help. I am in the USA.

Mary C.

It seems so many who have less financially give the most to this heart work. Thank u for being amazing animal angels!


Top respect to you for caring so much & doing what you can to help these little ones. Hope you get the funding you need.

Della L.

I hope you are able to reach your goal. Thank you so much for helping these pure creatures.

Kim D.

I wish I could donate more. I have two cats of my own and I really hope you achieve your goal.

Katie B.

Hope you will get all the money you need. You guys do an amazing job with the sanctuary and the kitties.

Paula N.

Keep going with all of your hard work!

Janet E.

Please help them with their new journey. They work so hard for the cats who depend on our generosity. It takes a village!

Patty A.

I found your page a couple of days ago and was so moved by your work, it’s amazing what you’re doing.

Sharon M.

Thank you for all your love for and care of our furry friends. I wish you only success in reaching your goal.

Sheila M.

Thank you for all that you do to help them and I wish there was more I could do to help.

Emma B.

Thank you for what you are doing for the strays, feral, and abandoned cats. I’m sorry it’s not a bigger donation.

Andria V.

I think what you guys do is wonderful! I’m a huge animal lover and I think you guys are absolutely amazing with huge hearts.

Rachel M.

As an animal lover I love the work your organization is doing. Kisses to all the kittys!

Lisa H.

I love all the things you do to save these little angels. God bless you all.

Gimenez K.

Fingers crossed, you will make the goal. I wish I could get you closer to it! Thinking positive thoughts.

Kathryn M.

The work you do to save this beautiful cats is tremendous. You have hearts of gold. God bless you.

Diane & Peter H.

These people are doing a great job, please help them for the sake and the love of all cats!

Bilkie S.

Keep doing your great work! We need more people like you in the world.

Steve R.

The world needs more like-minded people determined enough to help animals unable to help themselves.

Cathy V.

Behind every donation, there is someone who believes every life matters!

Every donation makes a huge impact on the lives of homeless cats that once upon a time were victims of abandonment, abuse and neglect.

Amazing Support

The level of trust and support our project has received throughout the years is reflected on the + 65.000 USD raised, in one time donations and monthly sponsorships, by hundreds of amazing supporters worldwide, from 2014 to date.

Every donation makes a huge impact in their lives.