5 Ways Cats Can Cure Depression

5 Ways Cats Can Cure Depression

Cats are known to be incredibly independent creatures. But they also make excellent companions and offer superb therapy on many levels. Various studies have proven that a pet can actually help reduce stress and even lower blood pressure. For those living with depression or anxiety, pets can really become a great way to get through a challenging day. And cats are no exception.

Here are 5 ways a cat can help adults (and kids) with depression:

Unconditional Friendship

Cats are known to simply love. They aren’t asking for anything in return. They aren’t trying to complicate things. They are actually very reassuring to children who sometimes feel nervous about making new friends at school. And their independence is very welcomed as they simply graze and are just themselves.

Children Can care for Cats better than Dogs

While dogs are certainly man’s best friend, there’s no denying one distinct difference between them and a feline: cats don’t have to be walked twice a day. While owning a dog will require you to get up daily to get them out of the house to exercise and “do their business”, owning a cat is simpler. Cats are easily litter trained quickly, and all it takes is a box and a little patience. Children especially will find them easier to raise, and parents won’t have to stress about whether Kitty has been let out yet.

Cats are calmer than Dogs

For the most part, cats are usually more serene than dogs, the latter often being bouncy, energetic and demanding for attention. For those suffering severe post-traumatic stress disorder or a need for a very calming environment, opting for a cat is the best solution. And even though these furry beauties are docile and low-key, they still make exceptional companions for those in need of a friend.

Cats are quieter than Dogs

Dogs are notorious for vocalizing their moods. Whether they hear someone at the door, or hear something even further from the home- their bark will be audible and noisy. A cat however, usually will keep to itself. His mood swings may change from upset, happy, excited or playful- but they lack the chops to compete with a dog’s decibel level. To put it frankly- your neighbors will never call to let you know that your cat’s hissing is keeping them awake. For someone dealing with getting over a stressful situation, barking will not be the best medicine versus a slight meowing.

Cats Bring You Gifts

They may not be roses and chocolates, but being hunters at heart- a cat is a miniature version of their wild forebears- which include lions, tigers and cheetahs. If a cat comes walking up to your bed with a gift- which usually are critters of some sort- it is the highest tribute you can receive, and full proof of its devotion to you. You of course will most likely be nauseated by the gift, but as with any present you get and may not like- a simple “thank you dear” will make the cat’s day. People suffering from depression will find this affection undeniably cute and it will ultimately have a great effect on their well-being.

Source: ecoveryexperts.com