Madden and Moon’s adorable and inspiring friendship

A match made in heaven!

Madden, a seven-year-old boy from Oklahoma, was born with a cleft lip and complete heterochromia iridium (different eye-colors) Because of his condition, fitting in with other kids his age was a struggle. The bullying he experienced at his young age was enough to break his heart and feel isolated. But everything changed when his mom saw a picture of a rescue cat that had the exact same conditions as Madden. With just one look at the cat’s picture, Madden’s mom knew the cat was meant to be a part of their family. The cat named Moon not only did he have a cleft lip but also complete heterochromia iridium, just like Madden. It was like a match made in heaven!

Moon was brought to his new home in Oklahoma all the way from the streets of Minnesota. Even though Moon was a rescue himself, he ended up rescuing this young boy from his lonely world. Having a pet with his same rare conditions helped Madden feel understood and not alone anymore. Moon helped Madden realize that being different doesn’t make him a freak, but rather unique… just like Moon 🙂

Moon was a rescue cat from the streets of Minnesota

Photos courtesy of MaddenandMoon on Instagram