Angel taken to the vet

Angel taken to the vet

Over the weekend, Angel had watery eyes and they started to look a bit swollen. We tried a few things at home but nothing worked so on Monday morning we took him to the vet.

He has an infection in the upper gums/teeth that has gone up to both eyes, He wouldn’t let the vet draw blood so he had to be sedated.​  After bloodwork was done the vet also diagnosed him with anemia, and explained it could due to lack of enough iron in his diet so he will be eating 1 or 2 cans of HILLS A/D per week.

He was given shots of vitamins, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory. He’ll have to continue treatment at home for 2 weeks and then we’ll have to take him to a followup visit. New bloodwork will be needed in 4 weeks to check on his anemia.


10 days into treatment with antibiotics and eye drops with corticoids to treat his eyes/teeth infection and a vitamin supplement for his anemia, Angel is looking and feeling a lot better 💗 A big thank you to everyone who chipped in to help us pay for his vet care and treatment 😽

Angel at the vet