RIP Bella november 1 2021

Bella lost her last battle

UPDATED November 1, 2021

RIP Bella 🌷 It is with great sadness that we write this post to inform you that our sweet Bella crossed over the Rainbow Bridge earlier this afternoon.

Due to liver failure, her organs began to shut down and her fragile body collapsed.

Despite the great sorrow her departure is causing us, we find comfort in knowing that Bella took her last breath in the warmth of her cozy room and not on some cold steel table at the vet’s.

No more pain, no more meds, no more trips to the vet; she is now reunited with her beloved Maya and Minnie ❤

Bella was always a fighter with a strong will to live.  Over the years she overcame many health issues and seemed to come back stronger.

But this time around, her little fragile body could no longer fight and she lost her last battle.

Goodspeed sweet Bella. Until we meet again 😢💔

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UPDATE October 31, 2021

Despite our greatest efforts and ongoing treatment, Bella has suffered a setback. Her appetite started to decrease again since Friday night and she has not eaten anything since Saturday afternoon. She drinks a bit of water every now and then, and although she wants to be active she is becoming too weak to do anything.

Giving her the meds that don’t seem to be working anymore is extremely stressful for her and debilitates her even more. Her body and quality of life is rapidly deteriorating and we fear she’s starting to suffer.

Vet is closed today due to the holiday so we will be taking her to the vet tomorrow again for the third time and sadly it seems we’re left with no other option but to make the hard decision of letting her go. Please keep Bella and us all in your thoughts and prayers as we’re in great pain too.

Bella is the last one standing of a small group of beautiful souls that left us way too soon due to dreadful leukemia; they were all part of an unforgettable chapter in our lives that seems to be coming to an end.

RIP Maya   RIP Gipsy    RIP Minnie    RIP Jasmine

It hurts so much to let her go but right now we can’t see any other way out.

At the sanctuary, Bella has lived happily for six wonderful years, with tons of love, dignity and great quality of life; we don’t want to take that away from her now.