Welcome home BONO!

A sort of homecoming

After 7 long months waiting for Bono to come around, he sort of did… and now he’s finally HOME!

Last time we saw Bono was early morning Sunday January 10. Sometimes, other cats eat at Bono’s feeding station and the food is gone in no time. It seems that morning he had ran out of dry food so when we went out to refill his feeding station we found him waiting for us right at our front door steps. We offered him some wet food right there. A full belly put him in a joyful mood that morning and he got very curious about the hallway behind us. He even attempted to come in at some point but then he got scared when he heard some noises of people coming down the stairs and he just ran off. He then went missing for 6 long days. We refilled his feeding station twice a day as usual and the food was always gone but he was nowhere to be seen. He did go missing for a few days from time to time but never that long so we were a bit worried. But everything happens for a reason!

What happened last Sunday set us thinking and we came up with a new plan to bring him in. We have a small storage place that’d be suitable to host him for a short while and its door is very close to the building front door steps … so Paul came up with this idea: what if we make a trail of tempting snacks from the front door to the storage room. Would he follow it?

Yesterday morning, we did not refill his feeding station hoping he’d run out of food and come closer to our front door steps to wait for us to get his late afternoon meal. And that’s exactly what he did!

We then made a trail of very tempting fresh turkey slices from the front door steps to the storage place. He was not too sure about it at first but he was starving so he had no choice… he went in and out twice! but in the end he fell for it and went all the way into the room, we closed the door behind us! Bono was finally HOME.

There’s a long road ahead of us. He’ll be needing special vet care soon but first he needs to settle in. He’ll be spending more hours a day with us so hopefully we’ll soon win him over to be able to handle him better. Now that he’s home, it’s just a matter of love and a little patience. Welcome home Bono!

  • Send Bono a meaningful birthday present by donating towards his special vet care

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