Cat Sanctuary eviction and imminent relocation

Cat Sanctuary eviction and imminent relocation

Today we have to say goodbye to our Cat Sanctuary as we’ve known it for the last 8 years πŸ™

We’ve ran out of time and we’re facing eviction as we speak; we must leave the place known as Catroom 2 and 3 (FeLV+) by the end of this month.

Cat Sanctuary eviction and imminent relocationOver the last couple of weeks we’ve been working hard and fast to turn our dining room into a new catroom for Gigi, Angel, Salem and ChloΓ©, the four resident rescues left in what used to be our Catroom 2.

The sudden relocation is going to be tough on them and crowded for everyone πŸ™

We live in a rather small place that is not suitable to accommodate so many animals but we have no other option right now.

We’re still looking for a larger place to rent but due to the pandemic, global crisis, etc. it’s almost mission impossible to find something we can afford.

We’re facing tough times financially and otherwise but we’re not giving up!

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