Angel diagnosed with bronchitis

Our rescue Angel has been having difficulty breathing for a couple of weeks so we decided to take him to the vet’s for a checkup […]

Minnie & Maya after spay surgery

Minnie & Maya spayed.

Both Minnie and Maya were spayed yesterday. Everything went well however due to their FeLV + condition, vets wanted to have them closely monitored so […]

Welcome home BONO!

A sort of homecoming

After 7 long months waiting for Bono to come around, he sort of did… and now he’s finally HOME! Last time we saw Bono was […]

Nothing went as expected!

Last Wednesday 01/13/2016, Hope was scheduled to be spayed at noon. When we arrived to the vet clinic, they said there had been an emergency […]

Tommy’s Memorial Corner

We have re-located, painted and re-decorated Tommy’s Memorial Corner within Cat Room 1. Our rescues TJ, Blackberry, Kitty, Vito and Molly are enjoying their new room full of […]

Christmas joy at the shelter!

Christmas joy is in the air. By December 25th, our Christmas Gift campaign has raised 330 USD for our rescues. This fundraiser ended on December 31st 2015, […]

It's been a year!

‘Change One Life’ 1st Anniversary

When Project ‘Change One Life’ started back on December 21 2014, accomplishing all we had in mind seemed like a distant dream. A year has […]

Cat Room 3 new setting!

Cat Room 3 new setting!

We have relocated Cat Room 3 in a larger area within the new premises. Our FeLV+ rescues Jasmine, Minnie, Maya and Bella are enjoying their […]


Vet Care fundraiser goal met!

Almost 1.3K were raised in just 1 month to pay off overdue vet bills to be able to keep our trusted veterinarians’ support. With special […]

135 USD away from goal!

Vet care fundraiser only 135 dollars away from its goal! Meeting the goal of this fundraiser means to finally have the necessary funds for Maya. Minnie […]