Cats during summer vacations

Cats during summer vacations

Cats become very attached to places so if you are going away, try to find a responsible person to care for, and meet all of your cat’s welfare needs within his/her familiar home. Remember to leave them your vet’s telephone number and clear instructions on how to care for your pet.

If you are boarding your cat, check out the cattery in advance and make sure it is licensed. Good catteries will insist that all animals are fully vaccinated and will ask to see certificates. Also, check that the cattery is never left unattended.

  • Taking familiar items along when your cat goes into the cattery, e.g. your cat’s bed and toys, can help him/her feel more ‘at home’.
  • If you have to take your cat to a new location, use a secure cat carrier and introduce your cat to his/her new environment gradually.
  • The carrier should be large enough for your cat to sit, turn around and lie down naturally in.
  • Putting familiar smelling items in the carrier may also help him/her to feel at ease.

Taking your cat on vacations?

Carefully consider if taking your cats on vacations with you is the best thing for them. It may be better to leave your pet in the care of a responsible person whilst you are away.

If you finally decide to take your cat on vacations, there are some things you need to consider:

  • Many cats can find the change in routine and environment and the experience of travelling very stressful.
  • Always make sure that your chosen holiday destination has all the facilities necessary for your cat’s requirements.
  • Check with your vet that your cat is healthy and safe to travel.
  • If your cat requires medication but is safe to travel, make sure you take all medications needed with you.
  • Always make sure that your cat is fully vaccinated, and has had up-to-date flea and worming treatments before travelling.
  • Make sure that your cat if microchipped and your contact info (mobile phone number)  is updated.  You can also have your cat wear a safe quick-release collar with an identification tag with your name and holiday address, so if they get lost you can be reunited as quickly as possible.