Gigi - Rescued in November 2013 at 3 years old. Abandoned and neglected. Owner moved away and left her behind. Notoriously traumatized by abandonment. Depressed. Low defences caused serious complications during and after spay surgery.

Gigi was first seen hiding under some bushes. She was numb.We had been seeing her for weeks but we couldn’t get close to her that day, but we’ve been leaving her water and food ever since , and checking on her every day… We were so worried, she was at risk! She could be seen trying to break into houses through the windows…she was most probably looking for her family and her way back home, but they were nowhere to be found! and she was kicked out from every single place. We wanted so bad to take her in but she was constantly looking for “something” or “someone” so she kept roaming the streets day in and day out!

She finally gave in! we found her on the top of a car, looking very weak and desperate. She let us get closer this time, and so we could pet her for a while, we tried to calm her down and then when the time was right we just grabbed her and took her in.

Last week we took Gigi to the vet to have her tested & spayed. Nothing could be done. We found out Gigi had been microchipped, however, owner’s contact info is outdated. Before we could do anything to help her (test her, spay her, etc), we had to file a report just in case someone was looking for her, but nobody was!

It seems her owner was a foreign woman who moved back to her country of origin leaving Gigi behind presumably on the way to the airport as she was found roaming the streets of a location nearby. To make matters worse, last Friday Gigi started to act a little strange… she was going into heat!

The good news is, we rescued her in the nick of time before she ended up pregnant ... So we could basically say that by rescuing her we have saved a few lives!


It took her almost a year to settle in but Gigi finally made it.  In our cat shelter, Gigi has learned to trust again and here she found a forever home, a place where she feels safe and loved.