He must be heaven sent!

An orphaned tiny kitten in a small box partially wrapped with duct tape was left at our Santuary’s doorsteps. As we opened it up carefully there he was … the most adorable tiny furball ever looking so scared! His eyes were wide open and he was meowing so loud…

We took him in immediately. The kitten seemed to be in good health but skinny and full of fleas so we gave him a warm bath and something to eat.

He was not too happy about the bath but once he was dry and warm again, we fed him and he started purring away!

His fur is all white and gray and he’s got the most beautiful green eyes. His resemblance to our late senior rescue Tommy was simply amazing so we couldn’t help it! We named him TJ (Tommy Jr.) in his honor.

We fell for him in a heartbeat and despite our current housing problems, there’s no doubt in our hearts where he belongs. Whoever dropped him off at our doorsteps, they did it in the right place at the right time!

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Tommy  Senior had crossed the Rainbow Bridge just a few days earlier and although nobody will ever replace him, taking care of this little one helped us heal our broken hearts and carry on. He must be heaven sent!