Help us raise funds for Sanctuary Rent

We tried to do it on our own but we couldn’t.

Since November 2017, it’s been a very tough time for us at the Sanctuary. We’ve had to deal with painful losses and severe cases of illness. Despite the emotional burden and our physical tiredness, we carried on with all Sanctuary’s responsibilities without a break and it has affected our health and work capacity immeasurably.

Although we strived to keep up the pace, such continuous extreme difficulties became a very heavy load for only the two of us and it led us to an emergency situation so now we find ourselves not knowing how to pay off Sanctuary rent and see our rescues’ future at risk.


We have reached out to you at difficult times like this before and so we want to believe that TOGETHER we can find the way out once again.

No amount is too small, every single donation helps keep our rescues’ home safe. Please GIVE. Thank you!

I want to donate to keep the Sanctuary open!

Total funds needed: $2700


Rent trimester behind
April -June (450 x 3)= $1350

Rent trimester due by July 30th
July – September (450 x 3)= $1350