Kitty on the mend

After Saturdays’ follow-up visit, we can say that we feel hopeful. The anti-inflammatory shot she was given on Friday afternoon worked! So the vet is confident we could be dealing with a spinal cord inflammation and not a tumour. She’s been prescribed a 10-day-treatment with Meloxidyl oral suspension and depending on the progress she makes the vet will then decide whether a more exhaustive neurological evaluation and a CT scan will be required. Her UTI is being treated with antibiotics Xeden 50 mg.

UPDATE – Kitty’s doing a little better today. She keeps dragging slightly her left hind leg but she can definitely coordinate her body movements better now and she doesn’t fall off anymore. For a couple of days, she had a hard time using the litter box but that’s going better as well. The medicines she’s taking make her feel rather weak and lethargic, and she’s napping more than usual during the day. Speedy recovery Kitty