Minnie made her way to our cat shelter!

Latest UPDATE: Minnie lost her battle with leukemia and crossed the Rainbow Bridge on August 9th, 2016; just a few months away from her second birthday. 

Minnie is 6 months old feral kitten rescued from a local colony. She’s FeLV +, symptoms of FVR (Feline viral rhinotracheitis), otitis media in her right ear, swollen lymph nodes and her head tilts down on one side (ataxia) caused by the vestibular syndrome. Although she’s been fighting all this while still in her colony in very extreme conditions she’s a very brave little girl and she’s managed to pull through somehow but time passed by and Minnie was getting weaker by the minute. It was time to find a way to bring her in and we finally made it. She’s had her first vet checkup this week and she is already on treatment, we’ll have to wait a few days to see how she responds to it. Minnie finally found a home in our cat shelter with lots of TLC, supportive care and no stress. She’s here to stay no matter what. The nightmare of the streets is finally over for her and that’s what truly matters right now.

June 01, 2015 - UPDATE

This afternoon we took Minnie to the vet for another shot of antibiotics. She's doing so much better. Lymph nodes less swollen, upper respiratory tract less congested, nasal congestion almost completely gone! Head tilt remains although she's starting to show more control of her movements. Speedy recovery little one!

June 15, 2015 UPDATE

Minnie is the newest addition to our cat shelter. At the moment,  she's is in a separate room (our ICU!)  until she fully recovers from FVR, which is extremely contagious!. As soon as she's ready, she'll be joining  Jasmine in Cat Room 2 (FeLV+ Area)

July 6, 2015 UPDATE

Both Jasmine (20 mo.) & Minnie (7 mo.) are FeLV+ When they were taken to the vet for the first time they were both so weak and in such bad shape, vets suggested they should be put down. We thought otherwise so we took our chances and brought them to our cat shelter..Just look at them now! Jasmine has been with us for a bit over a year now and Minnie joined her 5 weeks ago. They're growing strong and enjoying every single minute of their new life TOGETHER! Watch video >