Molly, our first dog rescue ever!

Meet Molly everyone. Yes, we know …Molly’s not a cat! … but Paul found her abandoned inside a box at one of his feral colonies. She was terrified, hungry, full of ticks! She was so terrified she could not move a muscle. We inmediately rushed her to the vet for a checkup. At first we thought she was paralysed but vet confirmed she’s just too weak and scared. She’ll be needing a special diet and lots of TLC! She was given a warm bath to remove all ticks and fleas, had a delicious dinner and she’s is now sleeping safe & sound in our bathroom. We can pretty much say we have a FULL HOUSE now!!


Molly was found abandoned in a box last night. She’s exhausted and so weak she can barely stand to go pee & poop. Last night she started to shake like a leaf, we had to cover her with a couple of blankets. She was a little nervous and vomited 3 times during the night but after a while she calmed down. We checked on her every 2 or 3 hours. and she slept quietly throughout the night but she hasnt eaten much at all since last night. She looks so sad. We dont know much about dogs, we never had one before so we’ll be asking our vet for some more advice. For the time being, we are giving her lots of TLC to make her feel loved .She’s such a good girl we fell for her since the minute we saw her.


Molly is our first dog rescue ever and she came here to stay!  Life has been so tough on her, she so deserves a second chance so Molly has been welcomed to join our rescues in our cat shelter. She’s a very fearful dog, still very traumatized by all she’s been through, but she’s slowly learning what is like to be loved and safe. It  took her no time to get along  with her feline friends. She’s especially fond of Lil’ Blackberry  and it’s great to see them play together.