Molly's first bath outdoors

Molly’s first bath outdoors

Molly suffers from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). She was rescued in very bad shape, she had been neglected, abused and left to die inside a cardboard box. She still carries the psychological scars of her traumatic experiences. She must have been chained or locked up all her life; she has developed fearful avoidance of any type of leash. She doesn´t know how to walk on a leash and she’s absolutely terrified of it. There’s no way we can make her go outdoor, not even to our terrace.

Little by little we are trying to change that so she can eventually get back to leading a normal life but so far it hasn’t been easy. However, she’s making a little progress. Yesterday we trimmed her hair and she had her first bath out in the sun. She really enjoyed it.

We had to carry her in our arms all the way upstairs to the terrace. After having such a good time we were hoping she’d feel confident to walk down the stairs on her own but she didn’t. She absolutely panicked! so we had to pick her up and take her downstairs again.