Negrita rescued in June 2013 at 5 years old. FeLV +. Abandoned. Owners moved away and left her behind. Lived for about 2 years on the streets.

After many weeks of struggling to catch her, Negrita was finally rescued and she’s now getting proper vet care. We had been feeding Negrita for many months. Although she was being fed regularly by some neighbors she still looked skinny and in very bad shape. Her lower abdomen revealed an old wound surrounded by severe skin soft tissue infection between her legs, she also had worms coming out of her anus.

We could finally trap her and rushed her to the vet’s to get treatment. She’s has been on an intensive antibiotic therapy and corticoids for a week at the vet hospital. She’s still under treatment and vet supervision.

Sadly, she tested positive for Leukemia (FeLV+) which makes her infection healing process much more difficult and slower.

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UPDATE September 2013

After months of treatment, Negrita’s made an incredible recovery and her life could be saved. The nightmare of the streets is finally over for her! She turned her foster home into a beauty SPA and she spent most of the day eating, sleeping, relaxing and getting back in shape. She got used rather quickly to the “good life”.


Negrita lives happily in our cat sanctuary and she’s enjoying all she missed out during those years she spent on the streets. As you can probably notice in her latest pictures, she has even gained a few ‘extra’ pounds.