Donate what our rescues need on a monthly basis.  'Most needed' items at the top.

Vial of Insulin
Donate a vial of insulin (40 ml) for Oliver.
It covers 22 days of treatment.

Gigi's Pack (FLUTD)
Urinary Care dry food (3kg)
+ 24 wet food pouches

Oliver's Insulin Treatment Pack (45 days)
2 vials of insulin
+ 100 insulin syringes

All Rescues Dry & Wet Food Pack
No-grain 75% meat dry food (7kg)
+ 24 cans (280 g) wet food

FeLV+ rescues dry/wet food Pack
Hill's Adult Optimal Care dry food (3kg)
+ 12 cans (120 g) wet food

Wet Food
Donate 12 cans (280 g) of wet food for all the rescues in the Sanctuary.

Milk & Snacks Pack
Cat Milk 12 units x 200 ml
+ 24 Cat snack units x 15 g

Oliver's Special Care Pack (Diabetes)
50 Glucose Monitoring Test Strips
+ 100 lancets

Clumping Litter
Donate a bag (10 kg) of clumping litter.

Cardboard scartcher
Donate a medium-size scartcher.