Paul with Gigi and Angel at the Sanctuary

Proceeds from book sales go towards funding the Sanctuary

The book ‘Care, love and save.’, written by Jackie and Paul, co-founders of Change One Life Cat Sanctuary, has two goals: Raising funds with some consistency to be able to keep their sanctuary open as well as promoting animal welfare worldwide.

It’s been a long and difficult road for Jackie and Paul since they began rescuing homeless animals, circa 2012. Along the way, they have realized that it’s impossible to run a sanctuary by solely relying on a few private donations and all these years they’ve made great sacrifices trying to compensate for the lack of funds, however, due to their current scarce financial resources, they know it is no longer feasible to carry on like this.

It’s is very important for the co-founders of the Sanctuary, authors of the book, to let potential buyers know that by purchasing their book not only will they be getting incredibly innovative and exclusive content but also that all they will be contributing to funding Change One Life Cat Sanctuary to help keep it open.

Care, Love and Save – A quick guide to a truly happy and healthy cat will be out for sale on November 1st 2018. For further information and book preview, please visit their website at

Care, Love and Save – A quick guide to a truly happy and healthy cat