Salem taken to the emergency vet

Salem taken to the emergency vet

The stress of the relocation has taken a toll on Salem’s health and he had to be to be taken to the emergency vet on Sunday morning.

The left side of his face was swollen, he was breathing heavily, had watery eyes and trouble eating. On Saturday evening he had lost his appetite completely and did not show any improvement.

At the vet’s he was diagnosed with FVR (Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis) he also had a an abscess in his gums so he had to be sedated to have it drained and a few teeth had to be removed. Bloodwork results revealed some pancreas and liver issues as well.

Due to the sudden weight loss and FVR symptoms the vet recommended running an FeLV/FIV test.

Despite the fact that Salem formerly tested negative back in 2015 when he was rescued, this time he tested positive making the situation at the Sanctuary even harder than it already is.

Salem is now on antibiotics and corticoids, and hopefully on his way to recovery although it might take a while to see some improvement due to his FeLV+ condition.

Please keep Salem in your thoughts and prayers ❤