Chloé's rescue story

Sanctuary welcomes Chloé

Busy Caturday at the Sanctuary! A cat found crying for help up on the roof, was successfully rescued this morning. She was very agitated, meowing so loud and panting. We got a ladder and went to get her. After petting her for a short while we grabbed her, got her into the carrier and brought her in.  We named her Chloé. Welcome to our Sanctuary little one 🙂 (Scroll down for video)

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UPDATE – We later realized she was one of the stray cats we feed outside. She was heavily pregnant and had been gone for a while. We searched for her kittens but they were nowhere to be seen. After 6 days, we rescued her two kittens that were starving on the rooftop of a house nearby. The owners let us in to get the babies and wanted to keep one of them; we brought in the other one. Read > Mimi’s rescue story