Suzie’s rescue story

Thanks to Charlie, Suzie is finally safe. On Saturday Nov. 18, 2017, at around 6:30 pm, Suzie was successfully rescued. Exactly a week ago, we rescued Charlie and sadly we had to put him to sleep 24 hours later. We could not bear the thought of losing another one so we strived to bring Suzie to safety in Charlie’s memory.

Suzie is an orphaned kitten we found abandoned in the backyard of a local factory; trying to place a trap there was not an option as we had no way to get in.
Paul spent all week ‘training’ Suzie to come out to get her food outside the factory, right where we could place the trap. Paul used to feed Suzie wet food on a daily basis but last Friday he didn’t. He refilled Suzie’s feeding station with just dry food so that she’d be more attracted to the smell of fresh sardines and make things easier. It worked!

At dusk, we arrived at Suzie’s place, she immediately recognized the sound of our car and came out. Paul started to carefully set up the trap as planned while she watched all our moves from the top of a tree. As soon as Paul walked away, she jumped off the tree and started to walk around the cage smelling the sardines. She hesitated for a short while but then she walked right in!

She was a bit agitated at first but she didn’t panic. She was not aggressive, she did not hiss nor growl at us on the way home. We released in what we now call “Charlie’s room” and although she was understandably scared it seemed as though she immediately understood she was in good company.
Welcome to your new life at the Sanctuary lil’ Suzie 🙂  (Scroll down for video)

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