Cheeky and Frankie trapped to be spayed!

As you all know, we’ve been feeding these two feral kittens since they were about 6 weeks old. As months went by, we realized they were both female and the clock started ticking real fast!

Technically, cats can get pregnant up to five times a year and although so far we haven’t seen any adult male cat roaming their place, our biggest fear was that they would go into heat and start roaming before we could do something about it!

Three weeks ago our feral kitten Blackie was run over, and last week we found a few mama cats in distress and their hungry small kittens hiding in a building site near the Sanctuary; it all made us reflect on how terrible the future of Cheeky and Frankie (and their eventual babies!) would be and how much suffering we could avoid by getting them spayed in time so we decided to take action; just feeding them was no longer enough.

The fact that they are sisters and that they share such a special and strong bond, made things so much difficult for us, trapping them together was a challenge.

The mama cat (Luna) whom we thought was their mom left and never returned and she was seen a few times with other kittens in a large colony that is located about two miles away from Cheeky and Frankie’s feeding station, so we no longer believe Luna is their mama.

At this point, we don’t really know where thy came from or how these two little girls ended up in the place we found them starving about five months ago, but what we do know is that they are two orphaned kittens who rely on each other so leaving one of them alone out there, was not an option.

But after five months feeding them daily and gaining their trust, on All Saint’s Day, we managed to lure them into a large carrier TOGETHER!

We are new to TNR and it’s being incredibly stressful but extremely rewarding as well.

We have a small place and a full house! but we are placing Cheeky and Frankie in our laundry room until their vet appointment; these poor babies are very stressed and unhappy about “our betrayal” 💔💔😿😿they don’t even want to eat but we know their disappointment is temporary and, in the end, it will be so worth it!

Please keep our sweet Cheeky and Frankie in your thoughts and prayers for a good outcome, a quick recovery, and a successful release back in their territory!

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⚠️Cheeky and Frankie’s UPDATE.

Thankfully, yesterday afternoon they started eating again; we gave them lots of wet food, dry food, and milk throughout the day until midnight; they drank plenty of water as well. They both used their litterbox to pee and poop after dinner.

We added a bit of sedative to the wet food they had just before midnight so they could be more relaxed for their big day and it worked! Right now, they are at the vet’s getting spayed. We are also very anxious to get their FeLV/FIV test results.

⚠️Cheeky and Frankie’s UPDATE

Everything went well ❤😺Cheeky and Frankie were successfully spayed and both tested FeLV/FIV NEGATIVE!!!! ❤🙏 it was a very long and stressful day, but we couldn’t have asked for better results!

They were released from the vet clinic about 8 pm and back to their room just in time for dinner. They both had a little something to eat and went to sleep; they were exhausted but noticeably happy to be back!

They had a good night sleep and this morning after breakfast they looked much more relaxed. Cheeky is the outgoing one, she comes in and out of the carrier trustingly even when we are around.

Frankie is the one having a hard time; she only comes out of the carrier if we are not in the room but hopefully, she will come around eventually.

They were given a shot of antibiotics, and we have to give them anti-inflammatory meds every 24 hours for at least 7 days; that means they will have to stay with us for at least a week and cannot be released until they make a full recovery.

Chip in and help us pay off their vet bill

Emotionally, this long stay will make everything much harder on us, we love them dearly and the more time we spend with them the more we get attached. Not being able to keep them safe indoors hurts so much but sadly our hands are tied and life has left us with no other option.

We had their ear tipped to release them back in their territory as soon as they are ready but that would certainly NOT be what we would do if we could choose. ❤ Speedy recovery sweet babies!!!

⚠️Cheeky & Frankie’s UPDATE

6 days into treatment (antibiotics + anti-inflammatory) they’re both recovering well from the spay surgery they underwent last Friday.

They are the sweetest girls and so well behaved!

Cheeky is very outgoing and she has been in and out of the carrier since day one. Frankie is extremely fearful so it took her much longer to feel safe around us but she finally came out of her shell!

We brought some treats and toys; she couldn’t resist! She always keeps a safe distance but we’re making a little progress.

Chip in and help us pay off their vet bill