Our Sanctuary: The beginning of a new era

Our former cat shelter has been turned into a Sanctuary that offers permanent housing to abandoned cats.
In 2016, we have a new challenge: Not to lose all of what we have worked so hard to achieve.

We need to raise funds to pay for Sanctuary rent. Help us keep our Sanctuary open for another year. GIVE now!

Our story

At the begining of 2015, we had 8 rescues and a borrowed vacant apartment with no utilities, full of cardboard boxes and old blankets.

Former Cat Shelter in 2015
Former Cat Shelter in 2015

Since then, the number of rescues has doubled and we currently rent two interconnected apartments with running water & electricity, properly furnished to provide permanent housing to 17 cats and 1 dog.


Although the shelter budget increased considerably due to a larger number of new rescues and residents, we managed to cover all basic expenses such as rent, utilities and food. We could also spayed/neutered all new entries, pay off vet bills, buy new supplies for all the catrooms.

Cat Room 3 FeLV+ Rescues
Cat Room 3 FeLV+ Rescues

In just a year, we’ve distributed a ton of food and gallons of water, among feral cat colonies. The hard work outside the shelter has always played a key-role in the success of our cat rescue operation.

We’re counting on YOU  to help us keep on saving lives and changing lives. Togehter we can do it!

CLICK HERE to make a kind donation today and help us keep our Sanctuary open for another year.