Angel goes to the vet

Angel diagnosed with Feline Calicivirus

Not quite the peaceful Easter we expected! Sunday morning we had to take Angel to the emergency vet as he had stopped eating on Friday evening.

Angel was diagnosed with Feline Calicivirus which is a virus that causes upper respiratory infections and oral disease in cats. At the moment, he is only showing signs of oral disease: two large ulcers in his throat that make swallowing solid food very painful and this was the cause of his anorexia.

He was given 2 shots at the vets and he has to continue treatment with antibiotics and corticoids pills for 10 days.

Follow-up visit is in 7 days; the vet then will evaluate whether the treatment should be extended or not.

So far, he seems to be responding well to treatment and he’s already eating some wet food on his own.

Speedy recovery Angel!