Negrita diagnosed with lung cancer

Negrita diagnosed with lung cancer

UPDATE September 6, 2022

Last week, we took Negrita to another vet clinic for a second opinion and sadly we came back with no good news.

After a closer look at Negrita’s X-rays the vet confirmed she has a few lung tumors that will eventually grow and spread and so there is not much more we can do for her at this point but to provide love and comfort until the time comes to let her go.

She’s taking a pill of corticosteroids a day to help her a bit for as long as she continues to eat and have some quality of life, which could range from a few weeks to a few months.

PREVIOUS UPDATE August 18, 2022

8 days into treatment (antibiotics + anti-inflammatory) there was no sign of improvement so we took Negrita for a follow-up visit.

She had been misdiagnosed with a pulmonary infection and new tests (X-rays) were needed to re-evaluate her condition to finally diagnose her with Feline Asthma which was to be treated with corticosteroid shots every 2 weeks to reduce inflammation in the lungs.

However, a few days after the first shot, there was no improvement whatsoever so, yesterday afternoon, we went for a vet consult once again and they said that if the corticosteroid shots are not working it means the lower respiratory system is already too damaged and it is no longer treatable.

Despite the elevated respiratory rate and increased respiratory effort, Negrita still has a healthy appetite and she’s quite active for her age (13) so, next week we will be seeking a second opinion.

Please keep Negrita in your thoughts and prayers ❤

PREVIOUS UPDATE August 10, 2022

Senior FeLV+ rescue Negrita (13) has been diagnosed with a quite severe infection that affects her upper and lower respiratory tract.

She was given shots of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory and she’s to continue treatment at home for 10 days.

A week from today, she’ll have to go for a follow-up visit so the vet can check how she is responding to treatment.