Vision and Mission

Our vision

Local animal shelters are overloaded with abandoned cats; 9 out of 10 perfectly healthy shelter cats will never find a home. Trying to find a home for special needs cats, older cats or FelV+ / FIV+ cats is almost impossible.

Re-homing rescue animals is never an easy task. Due to the current global economic crisis, forever homes – and even foster homes –  are becoming extremely hard to find while the number of abandoned animals increases dramatically, worldwide. 

Considering these facts, and regardless of the housing problem we’re still facing, we strongly believe that if our hard work and sacrifices get to be supported by private donors, we can make a difference in our local community. Our non-profit cat rescue & sanctuary project is a life-changing initiative that can help control the increasing number of stray/abandoned cats in our area.

Our Mission

In order to make sure we can keep providing proper housing to all our rescues, we’re reaching out to the world to help us rent a suitable property that allows us to keep them all under one roof. Your kindness and generosity can help us achieve our mission.


What started as a small cat shelter project has evolved to become a cat sanctuary and after years of hard work and lots of sacrifices, it’s no longer a project but a reality!

Here you can see photos of the evolution of our project since we started out in 2012.

  • It's been a year!
  • Tommy's Memorial Corner Room
  • Supplies already here!

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