2020 Calendars out for sale!

Make each day count! 😉😽 Cat Sanctuary’s 2020 calendars are out for sale. Order a copy and help us continue to make a difference. 🛒Order […]

Sanctuary Relocation Update

Sanctuary Relocation Update

A few days ago, we met with the owners of our current place to inform them that we already have the necessary funds to move […]

Salem goes to the vet

After a week without an internet connection at the Sanctuary, we’re finally back online to update everyone. As you all know, our rescue Rocco crossed […]

RIP Rocco 04.19.2019

Our gorgeous Rocco crossed the Rainbow Bridge this morning, around 8.30 am. We spent all night by his side and he took his last breath with […]

Rocco fading away

Rocco is slowly fading away and it’s heartbreaking. We want to, at least, turn this painful experience into a good lesson to learn, for all […]

Hanging on to hope

Rocco has not eaten anything by himself since last Thursday, he just drinks water and pees a lot. Feeding times are getting more and more […]

Rocco diagnosed with Kidney Failure

Rocco has been hospitalized with IV fluids. He’s been diagnosed with kidney failure. His kidney values are 3 times higher than the normal range. Acute […]