Cat Sanctuary Photo Gallery

Here you will find an up-to-date photo slider of our current Cat Sanctuary logistics.

Close-up pics of rescues enjoying the comfort of their new forever home

Project ‘CHANGE ONE LIFE’ aims to change transitional housing into permanent housing to provide homeless cats with a safe environment in which to stay for as long as they need to stay and to live with the dignity they deserve; ultimately a place they can call HOME.

  • Safety & Freedom – Except for injured or sick cats in the recovery process, all our rescues will roam freely in a safe environment especially customized for felines.
  • A promise is FUREVER! - All our rescue cats will have found in our shelter, a safe, warm, loving home for LIFE!
  • Volunteer work- Cleaning the sanctuary, feeding and caring for all the cats will be OUR responsibility. No staff is hired.

If you want to support our cat rescue operation and keep our cat sanctuary open, please consider making a kind donation today.