Charlie to be rescued

Charlie, to be rescued

Due to the challenging times, we’re living at the Sanctuary money-wise, regretfully, we had to minimize our rescue work since mid-2016. Rent fundraiser is stuck at 53% and our Cat Sanctuary future is uncertain however when urgent cases arise out there we can not turn our back on them. Every summer, abandoned cats show up, out of the blue, and this summer is no exception. Charlie was spotted a few days ago. He looks very dehydrated and sick; he has watery eyes and his coat looks in very poor conditions. Although he does not trust us as yet, he looks rather friendly so hopefully, we’ll be able to pull him off the streets shortly.


Making progress! This evening we brought some boiled chicken to Charlie and he ate it all!!! He still looked hungry so we gave him some tuna too  Charlie kept getting closer and closer to get his dinner but we when we slowly tried to pet him he got scared and hid under the car again. He’s made some great progress in less than 48 hours so we are hopeful that with a little time and patience we’ll be able to bring him in. Until then, please send your positive vibes and prayers his way to help him survive another night out there on his own.



Paul setup a special feeding station for Charlie where he can easily get his dry food and water, day and night. His feeding station is well hidden so he can go there and eat quietly without being seen. While he is on the streets and until he decides to put his trust in us, we want to make sure he has everything he needs to be as safe as possible.



Paul and I went to visit Charlie and brought him some delicious tuna mousse he really enjoyed eating 🙂 We sat nearby and kept our distance while he was having his dinner. Slowly but surely, we are making progress every day. Baby steps!

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