Gipsy loses his battle with Leukemia

Gipsy was by far the most challenging rescue we ever had to deal with in the Sanctuary. Introducing him to the other FeLV+ rescues was no picnic and we had to take each day at a time. We worked very hard for almost two years to calm him down and accomplish some harmony. Over the last few months, things were finally looking up for Gipsy but life had other plans.

When things seemed to be getting better, he lost his battle with Leukemia within 48 hours; there was nothing more we could do for him.

We’ve learned the lesson the hard way once again. Any act of love and compassion for these defenceless beings pays off in the end despite the fact that we always end up empty-handed. Another great lesson learned from them. However brief, we change their lives for the better and it’s worth every heartache.

Dear Gipsy, we’ve loved you deeply and always will. You will live in our hearts and memories for evermore. Rest in peace boy