Honey – Rescued in September 2013.

She is about eight months old, she was most definitely abandoned. She was found wandering the streets desperately seeking for love but all she found were some nasty kids who wanted to abuse her.

She’s so tender and innocent, she’d follow all the kids at a park nearby, and some really nasty ones  were “having fun” throwing stones at her. As we approached her, she literally jumped into our arms completely terrorized and started purring away as soon as she felt she was safe!

She’s so sweet we decided to name her Honey. She had a big belly we thought she was pregnant! But happily she’s NOT!!!. X-rays showed she was full of gas & parasites . She’s got an infection in her left eye which is being treated. She’s been dewormed & tested.

She tested NEGATIVE! for FeLV/FIV She’s to be spayed, vaccinated & microchipped as soon as her health conditions improve.

UPDATE: 09/23/2013

Honey post-op recovery is going well. She’s eating well & getting a lot of rest. After surgery, the vet said she should not jump or run for at least a week, so we placed her in a separate room where she can rest quietly. It’s been 5 days and she’s already feeling much stronger. She’s starting to feel rather frustrated to be on her own for so long but she’s such a sweetheart she never complains about a thing. Her eye is almost healed. Last Tuesday she had to be injected a repository corticoid dose and it seems to be working. We continue applying camomile tea and medicated eyedrops 3 times a day.

UPDATE 09/30/2013

Honey met our deaf rescue Angel and they are being fostered together now. They became best pals in no time! We are trying to find them a good home.

Latest UPDATE;

Honey was happily adopted by a wonderful family in December 2013. 3 months after her rescue. Angel never did and later became our Sanctuary’s very first resident.