Jasmine at the vet's

Jasmine’s pending vet bill

Although Jasmine’s right eye seemed completely healed for a while, a few days ago it started to show a blurred cornea again and a visibly sore third-eyelid. The iodine supplement treatment has helped reduce slightly the size of her very enlarged thyroid gland however it is still abnormal. Over the last couple of weeks, Jasmine’s health has been deteriorating: very little appetite, significant weight loss, nasal discharges and watery eyes. Due to her FeLV+ condition, her health is very frail so we must be extra careful. On Monday, we took her to the vet’s for a full check up, complete blood work and T4 test.

150 USD are needed in order to pay for her vet bill and meds. Can you help?

Latest UPDATE:

Thanks to Jasmine’s caring sponsors and other kind supporters, we raised in just a few hours a total of 245 USD to pay for her vet bills and even have a lil’ extra something just in case.

We’re deeply grateful to Jasmine’s sponsors:
Sara Cambreleng
Jeanette Fourie
Jo Davies
Robert Portman
Nancy Sewell DiMatteo
Ruthie Ezell
and Krista Stafford;

and to our supporters:
Christina Kühnle
Janet Eggleton
Mary Cornell
Janice Vicente
Kath Ferguson

for their kindness and generosity towards all our furbabies, and especially towards our sweet Jasmine this time.

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