Need to pay for our Sanctuary rent!

We urgently need help to raise funds to pay for our Sanctuary rent for the upcoming trimester. Regretfully, since last summer we’ve had many unexpected vet emergencies and other Sanctuary maintenance extraordinary expenses that made us run out of funds.

By November 30th 2016, we must raise 1815 USD (1650 +10% fees = that will add up to 6.2K of fundraiser total amount) in order to pay rent for the next trimester which means we have a bit over a month to make it happen.

All donations, regardless of the amount, will help. After a lot of sacrifices and struggle, our Sanctuary has become their home; don’t let them lose it all.
With a little help from YOU, our rescues will never have to go homeless again.

Help us keep our Sanctuary open. We need your help NOW! Please donate >