Rescuing Baby Boo

This little guy is one of the most vulnerable cats of our feral colonies. Paul has been monitoring him closely for a while now and we’be been trying to gain his trust but it’s been really hard to make any progress. Baby Boo suffers severe strabismus, vision loss and walking difficulties. His tail’s been chopped off and he has an injury in his left hind leg. We`ve managed to borrow a trap cage from a fellow cat rescuer and over the last few days we’ve been trying time and again to catch Baby Boo but no luck yet! We’ll keep on trying and hopefully we’ll be making some progress soon. Due to our uncertain future and the fact that we´ll be soon losing our place, we had decided to stop rescuing cats until our situation is a bit more stable but every single minute Baby Boo spends out there in the streets is such a big risk, so we’re taking our chances.

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