Vet Care fundraiser goal met!

Almost 1.3K were raised in just 1 month to pay off overdue vet bills to be able to keep our trusted veterinarians’ support.
With special thanks to Sheila Maniam Seiler for donating the last $75 USD needed to help us meet the goal.
Thank you ALL for making it possible!
Alexandra Alexe
Alexis Fasolka
Barbara Boeshe
Becky Kirkbride
Belkis Satar
Christina McCree
Cindy Stanton
Christina K.
Diane Henley
Heather Parsons
Isabel Maas
Jeanette Fourie
Jennifer Seeley
Jo Davies
Katharine Ferguson
Kathryn Rooney
Kenda Robertson
Ksenia Podkopaeva
Lisa Dougherty
Margit Vieri
Maria Omarsdottir
Marissa S.
Mary Cornell
Matias Keib
Pam Turner
Pamela Rowland
Rachel M
Rob Portman
Sara Cambreleng
Shannon B.
Sheila Maniam Seiler
Stephanie DiStefano