The new place!

We finally have our new cat shelter!

We finally have our new cat shelter! After a very long and hard summer, we have the new place at last; the solution we couldn’t find for so long has found us.
The landlord (of the place our shelter is located at the moment) called us up to tell us there had been some change of plans for him and offered us a good deal. We get to keep our current place and are allowed to make the necessary refurbishment works to interconnect with the adjacent property to make one big place with plenty of room to accomodate all the rescues. The security deposit & rent for both apartments adjust to our budget, making it a great deal.

We of course accepted the offer and closed the deal right away. As for now, it solves our lack of room problem, fits the new logistics and saves the rescues from the stress of ‘moving out’.

Last weekend , Paulie started the refurbishment works and both apartments are already connected from inside. We’re now working on the organization of the current and new facilities, looking forward to getting the first order of supplies delivered: new beds. blankets, mats, toys, food bowls, etc., to fully see our new cat shelter become a reality!