30 sponsorships lost in 24 hours

Unfortunately, this month and within 24 hours, 30 sponsorships were withdrawn from our ‘Sponsor me’ program.

Sponsorships are ‘virtual adoptions’ that allow us to have a permanent food fund to feed all the rescues at the Sanctuary, including those with chronic disease on special diets.

Losing 30 sponsorships at once makes our budget even tighter and greatly compromises our next food orders.  

To ‘virtually adopt’ a rescue costs as little as a fancy cup of coffee a month, but for us, it means we have enough food every month to feed everyone at the Sanctuary, even those with special dietary needs.

For only $5 a month you can help guarantee that every day, everyone at the Sanctuary will have food in their bowls. 

If you think you can skip a cup of coffee a month to feed a homeless animal, please subscribe to sponsor one of our rescues today!
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