Funds to pay rent successfully raised!

GOAL MET! 🐈🎉🐈🎉We want to thank our wonderful supporters, most of them sponsor at least one of our rescues as well, who have chipped in (some of them more than once!) to help us keep our rescues safe in THEIR HOME. We especially want to thank the generous benefactor who donated the remaining 40% needed to meet the goal of our fundraiser. Although this person wishes to stay anonymous, we still feel the need to publicly express our gratitude for such a generous act of kindness towards our rescues, our work, our cause ❤️🐈

Our deepest gratitude to:
Angie Page
Claudia Kinsey
Diane Hanley
Helen Viau
Holly Dakos
Isabel Maas
Janet Eggleton
Joe Goffin
Kacey Higgerson
Kath Ferguson
Kim de los Reyes
Paula Nielsen
Ruthie Ezell
Sara Cambreleng
Stacy Snyder
Stephany Hayden
and two more supporters who wished to remain anonymous.